OTHER work
Finally done with this thing! Yahoo!
Ziggy told me my extension  cord in studio was a hazard so I put this bit of green leather over it- that’s safe right?
Nerd rope is helping me edit my thesis this afternoon :-/

photo courtesy of artsdiary

Last week I had a show at St Paul Street Gallery 3 with Ziggy Lever called Knowing You’re Wrong. 

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Shoe/sock combo today: weiner dogs and snakeskin
Testing scrap


"Knowing You’re Wrong" with Visual Arts at AUT postgraduate students Ziggy Lever & Lucy Meyle—OPENS WEDNESDAY NIGHT, 5:30pm at ST Paul St Gallery III, Corner of Symonds St and Mount St. EXHIBITION runs 3-6 Septemberimage

Opening this Wednesday the 3rd of September! Come Along !

Daily News
Big drawings reproduced by hand + bench

(this is from a while ago, currently I am lying in bed drinking beer and trying not to spill any on my face - it is a huge struggle for me)
I’m in this! Gonna be a capitalist extravaganza. 
Had several cries while doing this poster for the 2014 Auckland Zinefest, but yah! it’s done!
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